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Shuntai WalkerShuntai Walker, LPC, NCC is a National Certified Counselor specializing in forgiveness, trauma, anxiety and depression for individual, couple and families. Shuntai believes that each client is unique. Therefore, various therapeutic approaches are necessary to effectively meet clients' treatment needs. Shuntai provides counseling services to children, adolescents, couples, families, and individuals of all ethnicities. Her goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment to help clients comfortably collaborate within the therapeutic relationship so that they are able to identify issues, develop a plan of action, and then implement that plan. Her treatment focus include, but are not limited to, women, teens, veterans, couples, and families dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, Post traumatic stress disorder, sexual addiction, forgiveness, relationship conflict and phase of life issues.

Here at Re-Connect My Life Counseling. We are happy to contract with the following therapists: 

Loletha M. LeeLoletha M. Lee, MS, LLPC. I am a kind and considerate counselor who provides opportunities for growth and self-discovery in a safe and caring environment. I work with children and adolescents with developmental and behavioral issues; individuals with addictions, depressed mood, anxious thinking, emotional conflict, communication and low self-esteem; couples and families in conflict; and unresolved grief/loss. My treatment focus will help in changing negative beliefs, thoughts, images, and self-dialogue and helps initiate positive views, images, and self-dialogue that promotes reorganizing thought process, coping, and behaviors.

As a counselor who is a Child of God, I embrace self-awareness, acceptance, open-mindedness, fairness, competency, and honesty, without bias or stereotype. My counseling goals are to recognize that clients' belief about spirituality and their up-bringing are central to their worldviews. These worldviews influences their psycho-social development and functioning.

Shirley Ruth Lea-LawsonShirley Ruth Lea-Lawson, MS, LLPC. I have worked with adults who struggle with addiction and other mental issues. I provide a safe environment for clients to discuss topics that are difficult, such as sexuality in an individual setting. I have experience working with LBGT individuals. I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients who need to feel comfortable while discussing difficult topics that need to be worked through. My passion is to bring healing to adults and families who have been victimized by addiction and other life issues. I assist clients in finding strategies to resolve their problems.



Brandon Keene-Orton, M.A., L.L.P.C. Brandon has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults on issues regarding anxiety, adjustment, marriage, aggression, depression, and more. He believes that counseling is most effective when there is a hope for change. The counselor-client relationship is important, allowing for comfort, honesty, openness, and desire for growth. As a doctoral student at Wayne State University, Brandon continually seeks changes within the field and implements best practices through research in order to provide the best options for each, individual client.



Deidre Scott, MA, LPC. I am a Limited License Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan who has been serving clients for the last 7 years to empower and improve their opportunities for employment and life skills development while helping them to overcome barriers to personal growth and success. My goal is to provide clients with tailored treatment plans that can be integrated into their personal lives. My greatest reward is helping clients realize their potential. I am trained in a wide variety of modalities and have experience with most conditions, I work with youth as well as adults. 




Sherrell Wilson, LPC, NCC.  “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.” Are you allowing trauma, anxiety, and stress to disrupt your inside world? Trauma can change your view of your life and yourself. Stress and anxiety can shorten your lifespan. I am passionate about helping my clients, who include children, adults, families and couples, build upon their strengths so they can remove any barriers that keep them from feeling peaceful, complete, and safe.

I know that no single approach is right for every individual, so I utilize several different theoretical approaches to ensure that client’s need are being met. My educational background includes a MA in Professional Counseling from Central Michigan University. I have experience working with individuals with various unrests including PTSD, depression, Anxiety Disorders, Adjustment Disorder, ADHD, grief and loss, Bipolar Disorders, and abuse. 

Samara L. HoughSamara L. Hough, LMSW-Clinical. I believe in supporting my client’s individual process towards health and well-being. While taking the journey to healing, I will walk alongside you providing a safe space and a listening ear where those spaces may have been absent in your life. I employ a variety of interventions to facilitate your success including trauma-informed, strength-based, and mindfulness techniques. Being formally trained in family systems approach, I seek to understand the ways in which behavior is impacted by family of origin issues, including working with adult and child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, divorce, substance abuse, pregnancy and birthing, as well as marriage and blended families.

In addition, I seek to work with clients from a multicultural perspective, being keenly aware of the impact of historical trauma, racism and gender based violence. I respect expressions of faith in practice, recognizing the uniquely powerful role that one’s faith may assist in coping with life stressors and shape individual life worldview.


Gina L. Reynolds, LLMSW-Clinical  Specializing in sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking, Gina is dedicated to helping individuals who have suffered from trauma. She has worked diligently to help victims of violence move on from painful experiences and cope with the negative effects that stem from these traumatic experiences.

Gina is compassionate and genuinely dedicated to the well-being of the individuals she works with. Through therapy, she can help with issues of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and PTSD, among other stressors. Gina is familiar with how debilitating mental illness can be along with other stressful life events that can occur. While providing new insight and perspective, Gina will equip you with the necessary tools needed to alleviate symptoms of mental illness or perhaps other life stressors that need to be addressed in your life at this time.


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